Learn The Essentials Of Fingerpicking
Using Classic Rock Songs From Artists Like
Kansas, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, 
The Animals, The Beatles and more!
Finally... The Skills You Absolutely Must Have To Unlock The Secret of Fingerpicking
If You Ever Struggled With Learning How To Play Songs That Require Fingerpicking Skills...
THIS is The Series You've Been Searching For. 
The Essential Fingerpicking set will break down the basics of fingerpicking guitar, and walk you through a series of classic songs that you must know in order to grow as a fingerpicking guitar player.
Includes Over 2+ hours of instructional video.
Essential Fingerpicking, Rock Classics is designed for students that have some familiarity with Fingerpicking, but still provides all the basics you need if you haven't learned about fingerpicking.

Here's What You Will Learn: 
 Proper Hand Position
 Essential Picking Techniques 
→ Exercises Using Arpeggio Patterns
→ Alternating Bass Patterns
Six Classic Rock Fingerpicking Masterpieces
And So Much More!
Songs You'll Find On This Set Include: House of the Rising Sun, Landslide, Dust In The Wind, Brain Damage, Blackbird, Babe I'm Going To Leave You, plus you'll open the door to hundreds of other fingerpicking classics!
Here's What Students Are Saying...

"Been hacking around with the guitar on and off for 40 years. Unfortunately, never in a structured, organized or consistent way, so I've got A LOT of really bad habits and poor chord forms. I'm going back to 'square one' to see what I can clean up and improve things overall, and so far, I like the approach. I already 'see' the sense in the '2-3-4' G rather than the '1-2-3' I've always used, though it is a bit of a challenge to break the old habit."

James P.

“I never realized how important the basics were. Its important to know the fretboard up and down. Not everybody will see the value in this. In the beginning i might have skipped this over. Neil has a way of explaining things and make them crystal clear. I have been spending hours going over and over all of Neil's music theory. It is my hope that others can realize this also.These lessons are worth double what they are asking for. Thank You "

George H.

"Thanks for breaking it down to the point where a beginner can learn it. Who'd have through I'd be able to play it (slowly) after a little practice. I've now even gotten it up to close to proper speed (after a lot of practice) and have gotten confident enough to assemble to different sections as they appear in other recordings I like rather then just how it appears in the Neil's arrangement. 

A big thanks!"


"Great stuff Neil. I've been playing for more than 50 years professionally and recreational and have very little theory in my background. I play by ear and feel so these lessons are like reverse engineering for me."


Want a sneak peek of the quality content you'll find in this DVD Collection? 
Check out this video:
So, What Are You Waiting For? Grab Your Copy of Essential Fingerpicking Rock Classics Right NOW!
...and get ready to learn the fingerpicking skills you've always aspired to master!
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